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Xena + Costumes

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Harry Potter's Character Development

Books 1-3:Fuck yeah, I'm Harry Potter.
Books 4-7:Fuck, I'm Harry Potter.
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Me about adulthood.

Me about adulthood.

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How I’ll be ordering anything from now on.

Original post by chikenmilky3

If you order like this from me I will straight-up give you a free latte and end my turn.

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I spend so much time alone that if I was ever falsely accused for a crime I would never have an alibi


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Detachment is a privilege held by people who aren’t targets.

"why are you so emotional about this" - unaffected people

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Jeet Heer. [x]


Jeet Heer. [x]

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things i have cross examined in ace attorney:a parrot. an 8 year old kid. a spirit medium channeling a ghost. an assassin testifying via radio. several members of the mafia. ambassadors from 3 separate countries. phoenix wright himself.
things i have not cross examined in ace attorney:one reliable fucking witness. not even one.
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Benvolio:In love?
Benvolio:Of love?
Romeo:Out of her favor where I am in love.
Benvolio:*looks into the camera like he's on The Office*
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